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The Pinnacle is a newsletter about outdoor and nature writing, photography, and publishing.

What is outdoor and adventure writing and photography? What about nature? Are they separate genres or one and the same? And, as we move into a post-Covid world, what will the future look like for our profession?

The Pinnacle is a weekly publication by outdoor writer and editorial professional Alex Roddie. As editor of Sidetracked magazine, contributing editor and writer to others, and an author of non-fiction outdoor and travel books, Alex is well positioned to ponder these questions and more. The Pinnacle aims to break down barriers between genres and provide a conversation space for how we communicate the wonder and beauty of the great outdoors to all of our audiences.

New posts arrive weekly, with the following schedule:

  • Week 1: Pinnacle Reads. A digest of recent reads about nature, adventure, long-distance walking, conservation, environment, nature and travel writing and publishing, and anything else relevant.

  • Week 2: Feature. An article or story of interest or practical use. I aim to stimulate debate and address unanswered questions.

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