Now that my website migration is finally complete, I'm shutting this newsletter down. Here's what you need to do!
Links to all of my published work about my Alpine fastpacking journey in summer 2022.
There’s a lot to cover, because I’ve been atrocious at sending out regular newsletters once again, and my excuses are exactly the same as last time…
I'll be spending much of the rest of the summer in the Alps, trekking and a bit of running from Ventimiglia to Zermatt. It's going to be an incredible…
The year is rushing past, and it’s already been two months since my last newsletter. I’ve packed a lot into that time, notably several trips to the…
I need to build a new website. Great.
Since we last spoke a few weeks ago, I've been putting my new plan to develop my fitness as a trail runner into action.
We're two weeks into 2022 already, and this is my first newsletter of the year! A lot has changed since I sent my last one out more than a month ago.
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