The 'other' places, the colour of spring, and the awe of time

This week's Pinnacle Reads include several pieces on the transcendence of noticing, a couple about the COVID-19 situation on Everest, and much more.

The ‘Other’ Places – more superb words and photos from Andrew Terrill on the joys of deep looking. His other recent blog post, ‘A Journey Worth Taking’, is also well worth a read – it’s all about the lifelong urge to write about the experiences that move us. His book, The Earth Beneath My Feet, which I edited, is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

In Search of the Golden Eagle – this is a wonderful photo essay by David Dinsley about powerful wildlife encounters.

The colour of spring – ‘But if I give the mountain time, it gives me back the space I need to turn a corner in return. There is reciprocity. I know that I am not alone in this, that many of us feel the same. That is no small thing, and I am grateful for it.’

Everest and COVID-19: What’s going on and should they still be climbing? – a good piece from Mark Horrell on the situation currently unfolding on Everest.

Everest and COVID-19: Why don’t operators donate their oxygen to hospitals in Nepal? – more from Mark on this. ‘Yet these operators still have a chance to redeem themselves… If they refuse to help with oxygen, that will be their final sin.’ The comments are worth reading for crucial extra insights too.

Glen Torridon and the Awe of Time – ‘Between you and a place lie many layers of compacted ignorance, trod down by the burden of egos that pass across them. To scrub and peel them back may take a lifetime of effort. But, when you peel away that last layer and reach through to touch the true understanding beneath, then the universe is yours.’

In Quarantine: a diary – nature writer Tim Dee is currently undergoing a period of hotel quarantine after returning to Britain. His quarantine diary, starting with ‘day 0’ here, is well worth a read.

Photo essay: How the English engage with nature – an intriguing series of portraits.

Clouds, light, rocks, splendour, lessons from lower hills - a trip to Torridon – Chris Townsend has been walking in Torridon. There are some worthwhile thoughts about shelter systems here too.

Indexing, filing systems, and the art of finding what you have – Austin Kleon realises that he needs an indexing system. I can relate to this; I have a system, but sometimes I get too busy or too distracted to use it as diligently as I ought to, and then I either spend months trying to catch up or I just leave it (which results in gaps).

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