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Yes, you read that correctly.

Only three weeks after I launched The Farthest Shore in Fort William, I have another new book out: Wanderlust Alps: Hiking Across the Alps. This is another collaborative project with German publisher gestalten, and, like last year’s Wanderlust Europe, is a large-format hardback coffee-table book featuring many long-distance hikes. This year we’ve focused on the European Alps.

To read more about the book, including the list of hikes we’ve included, see this blog post I’ve just popped up on my website. I hope the book inspires you to head out to the Alps next year. The writing process has certainly had that effect on me!

Recently published

The Farthest Shore / Alex Roddie Author interview – Cape Wrath Trail Guide – I was recently interviewed by Iain Harper, author of the Cicerone guidebook to the Cape Wrath Trail, and our chat is now available to watch on YouTube in full. This is the first time I’ve been interviewed by someone with such knowledge of the CWT, so there’s a fair bit in here that many be of interest from the perspective of hiking the trail itself.

The Earth Beneath My Feet – living life to the full with Andrew Terrill – another interview! I’ve conducted a Q&A with Andrew Terrill, whose new book, The Earth Beneath My Feet, was by a long way my most enjoyable manuscript edit of 2021. It’s now available to buy and is getting rave reviews.

Links of interest

NC500: The Long and Wounding Road – this photo essay about the NC500 by John Macpherson is well worth your time.

Ebooks Are an Abomination – an interesting piece that helps to articulate some of the reasons why I’ve stopped reading ebooks.

Nature Is Medicine. But What’s the Right Dose? – I think that this is a deeply toxic and cynical approach to our relationship with nature.

“At its root, rewilding is an ecocentric approach.” – a very interesting interview with Steve Carver. ‘While he stresses that rewilding will never be about removing people from the landscape, it does involve reassessing the relationship between nature and culture. He describes the history of human endeavour as a “temporary veneer” upon a canvas shaped by much older forces: glaciers, rivers, oceans and geology.’

The weirdness of a Highland heatwave: 3 strange incidents on Beinn Liath Mhor – Mark and Edita have a strange day out during a hot spell earlier in the summer.

The Sidetracked Creators Tour – team Sidetracked are hitting the road, starting from October 14th in Bristol and visiting a number of venues throughout the UK. The tour, hosted by our valued contributing editor and writer Jenny Tough, features many different speakers. Tickets are on sale now. I’m hoping to come along to at least one of them.

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