This week’s links include pieces on climate change, bad things happening in the mountains, why a personal connection with nature is vital for conservat…
Developing a sense of connection with place
This week’s Pinnacle Reads include a spread of subjects on long-distance hiking, high-stakes Himalayan mountaineering, ecosystem restoration, photograp…
A few things that have worked for me.
My next book takes a step towards publication
This week's Pinnacle Reads
A few of the things I’ve learned over the years about successful outdoor and adventure photography.
This week’s Pinnacle Reads
A long-anticipated return to the hills
This week’s reads include pieces on the relationship between walking and thinking, how class remains a barrier to enjoyment of the outdoors, and recent…
This week's Pinnacle Reads include several pieces on the transcendence of noticing, a couple about the COVID-19 situation on Everest, and much more.
It's often said that the cover is the most important element of any book. Here's a glimpse into what goes into creating a non-fiction cover.